Strategic Sourcing

Strategic Sourcing

Strategic sourcing aligns the purchasing power with strategy by considering relevant factors like budget, efficiency, quality required, business goals and it involves data collection, cost analysis, forecasting, market research, supplier management and negotiation. This service is measured by results, reducing costs, and allowing the company to pay the cost of the service with its revenue.

Processes reengineering

Designed to motivate. Focus on profitability and operating costs. We focus on reducing costs whereas obtain high quality and become part of a competitive market, being more transparent and having strong negotiation skills. Added value taking actions on restructuring costs, getting strategic suppliers which will benefit the purchase department and the company asset accordingly. The results are immediate savings, long-term supplier relationships, operational excellence and 100% transparency in all processes.

Purchasing outsourcing

Bringing a professional team in to support on especial projects, absence due to sickness/maternity/paternity leave, among others, guaranteeing efficient results within purchases.

Monitoring and control

Thorough control on quality and technical requirements, which will be agreed between the supplier and the client, controlling both prices and volumes required by the company.

HR Consulting

Recruitment and selection

We bridge up the gap among business needs, commercial, strategic, and analytical challenges.

An essential understanding of clients’ needs to develop a strategy to gain interest and engage potential candidates to improve the business growth.

Services included:

- Strategy

- Pre-screening

- Pipeline & follow up

- Interviews

- Short-list


Sourcing, identifying, contacting, and assessing/testing highly qualified candidates throughout professional and customized strategies, according to Client’s needs and requirements. We work on an active search, especially when the role is essential for profitability purposes.

Executive coaching & Training

We focus on development, motivation, and commitment of employees throughout specific training & coaching sessions to encourage personal and professional growth. These sessions are frequently implemented when the company is facing an important cultural change, a new project, new board member, to work on human relations and as problem solving as well because this is a skill to be used in order to have an efficient internal communication and improve all performances, and this is because we focus on optimization and efficiency of current employees.

Governance, Risks and Compliance

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance allows companies to add value in a business, improve relationships among owners, investors, and stakeholders to make sure they take the best decisions in order to get a productive and competitive business.


Comprehensive Risk Management of the company

Risk Management helps to identify, measure and act immediately to prevent difficulties and take control of them, since risk is a variation between what it is expected and the reality, that will impact in all areas of the company.

Continuous Improvement and Process Re-engineering

Becoming an effective and efficient company, a client can choose between a continuous improvement cycle or a process re-engineering. This will be based on small but significant changes, and a steady transformation in different activities and dynamics accordingly. en la aplicación de cambios de una forma suave y gradual, mientras que la reingeniería de procesos supone una transformación radical en la forma de hacer las cosas y las dinámicas de trabajo.

Duties scrutiny and system profiles

This is a method to control and understand the different responsibilities and activities involved in the financial and accounting division. This system will allow a company to make a thorough analysis in order to avoid fraud and prevent errors.

Risks and control of procedures

The purpose of risk management and procedure control, allows a proper set up and an adequate flow of information, optimizing and improving internal controls which will ensure reliable financial statements for decision making.


Ethics & Compliance

Building a comprehensive vision of the company's ethics and culture is a key in order to protect and sort it towards legal actions.

Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing

An agreement of a use of procedure must be made to “help” “protect” their business, registered locally and report any suspicious operations. Natural and legal entity which is considered vulnerable to both money laundering and terrorist financing prevention.

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

It involves an array of activities and practices which have an impact in the business and the community.

Internal audit implementation

This refers to an independent sector to add value and contribute to the business’ revenue aligned with the company’s policies and procedures.

Procedures & Trainings

This would develop specific criteria and plan of actions to improve internal processes and help on decision making. Training employees is absolutely essential to make sure that everyone is aligned with the company’s objective.

Logistic Consulting

By definition, logistics processes can always be improved. However, many companies, either because they lack the know-how implied or simply because they are too involved in the day to day process, they do not achieve the external standpoint that is required for a change.

We offer to carry the logistics of your company to the next level, working on advisory logistics as wellas implementation of WMS or traceability solutions. We provide training to those in the team as well as improvement of the supply chain, among other issues we can depict for each singular case.

The tangibility of results throughout our 10 years of experience in Latin America and Europe, allows us to generate bond of trust and commitment with our customers. We feed these bonds throughout opportunities to implement best practices by improving profitability.

How we add value to your business:

  • Analyzing and improving processes, ensuring the implementation of the best logistics practices tailor made for your company.
  • Developing and activating new processes and/or facilities.
  • Creating a complete and overall integrated solution according to both the supply chain and the company needs.
  • Optimizing costs and improving productivity.


  • Material Requirement Analysis
  • Purchasing Management
  • Stock Control
  • Material warehouses
  • Milk Run


  • Process and value analysis
  • Production capacity
  • Operations outsourcing
  • Storage and products flow in process


  • Design and management of PT – CD warehouses
  • Storage Systems
  • Definition of fixed and mobile equipment
  • Dispatch planning and routing


Logistics management using integrated information systems (SCM, ERP, DRP, MRP, WMS) Control indicators - KPIs

  • WMS: Representative and implementation partner - Applog WMS world class. 100% Cloud architecture
  • TMS: Representative and implementation partner - Applog TMS world class. 100% Cloud architecture.

Analysis and optimization of the Supply Chain Management

Development of an overview of the physical logistics flow and information, which will generate a robust supply chain, minimizing goods in storage, idle time and costs, thus achieving greater assertiveness.

Audit and Stock Management

Processes and routines for the information gathering, in order to achieve their optimization and efficiency.

Logistics Costs

Optimization of distribution costs.